In response to negative reviews on Yelp: 

More than 300 bridal parties have danced the night away with me at their weddings since I first began DJ'ing 2004. All but one have been resounding successes filled with praise and numerous referrals. The clients have personally thanked me and provided many 5-star reviews on Yelp. My reputation and experience speaks volumes.

There was one wedding where things did not go as planned. Despite efforts to salvage the evening, the bride and groom were dissatisfied due to miscommunications by both parties. All the negative reviews on Yelp are from this single wedding. They have made outlandish claims that are not true and have been hurtful. At no time during the wedding was I intoxicated. I did have 3 glasses of wine during the 5 hours I was there, but I am always professional. While my demeanor is energetic and entertaining, there is a measure of decorum that must be maintained.

I will always put your choice of music as my number one priority and will vary musical styling both at your request and to motivate the party or set the mood. My only concern is that the bride and the groom have a night full of positive memories that will last a lifetime. I understand the importance of a wedding and will do whatever it takes to insure that.

My industry lives and breathes with referrals, and I always want my customers satisfied. Listen to a few of my past clients:

We hired mike to DJ our wedding this summer and had an absolutely fantastic experience. he had his finger on the pulse of the party from the start and kept the dance party going until they threw us out. - Geoff C.

So we have been to two weddings he has DJ'd (only one being ours :) ), and we cannot recommend this DJ enough, especially if you are a music lover. - Patrick H.

Wow. I found Mike via Yelp just 2 weeks before our wedding, after reconsidering my ill-founded decision to have a friend handle music at the event. Best decision ever. I knew after listening to the playlists on his website that he'd be a great addition, and he certainly delivered. I can't recommend Exxxplosivo enough to people looking for a wedding DJ, or any other event. - Shea R.

As you can see, I am more than willing to go above and beyond simply playing music. I would like to put this one negative experience behind me and show you that I am the perfect DJ for your wedding or event.

Please contact Mike if you have any further questions. Let me be a part of the wedding of your dreams.

The wedding music from the wedding in question is available streaming or for download, uncut, and unedited. I have added "bleeps" to the audio during portions to protect the last names of the Bride & Groom.

Jennifer & Jason's Wedding: PLAY [ Download ]

Here is a short video I have from that night: